My First Commission – Art By Magic

MAGIC is a versatile artist that works in acryllic and mixed media. Some of her art is very minimalist. She also has some complex abstracts, impressionist landscapes, and even a few figurative pieces. This variety makes collecting her art both challenging and fascinating.

While she was not the first artist from whom I purchased art, she is the first artist I commissioned. A great part about MAGIC is she will work diligently to get exactly what you are trying to do, even if the art is not typically what she creates. However, what I wanted was a collection of small pieces that could be combined into a larger work. I had four pieces from her already, so I commissioned twenty more to form a larger whole.

The concept was mine and I drew up a picture of what sort of pieces I wanted and how they would be arranged. The rest was up to her. The concept was to have several of her less abstract pieces surrounded by her minimalist art. In effect, I was framing her art with more of her art.


I found the effect stunning. The “top” is a combination of two forest scenes, the one on the left entitled “Landscape” and the one on the right called “A Little Forest.” The five pieces under are called “River”. The minimalist pieces on top represent a sunset (to me) and the bottom is water. The whole piece together looks like an abstracted island at sunset. It is my happy place. The twenty larger pieces are each 6″ square, and the four corners are 5″ square. The entire collection is about 48″ long x 30″ tall.

MAGIC has a couple blogs and an Etsy store. Her web site is I suggest checking her out.


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