Art Superbowl in the Midwest

This weekend is the Des Moines Art Festival and ARTFest Midwest. Both art fairs are on the same weekend and near each other in Des Moines, IA. They even have a free shuttle between the two events. While the Festival is more prestigious, both are very much worth going to.

Why is this like the Superbowl? We are talking about 200 artists from all over the country at the Art Festival with about 100 more at ARTFest. This is an all weekend event, but when you go it can be all day. There are two stages, one for performing arts (which includes dance and music) and the other for just music. Any time you decide for half-time, you have your choice of shows. The Festival is all outside, but there is a film festival as well, so you can cool off while watching some independant films. ARTFest is all inside with air conditioning, so during the heat of the day, you can go there and enjoy literally cool art. There will be a ton of food available, too.

While the shows will be great, the commercials are still the best part. There will be gallerists around, but the artists are trying to sell their own pieces. This gives you an awesome chance to actually talk to the artists themselves about their work. Not just one or two artists, but hundreds. Stand back and get ready to be convinced.

Here you can find new artists to follow, expand your collecting horizons, and fall in love with art you never had the opportunity to see before. Remember, you’ll never have enough money to buy everything you want. You really don’t want to do that anyway. But, you will definitely want to collect a bunch of the artists cards. This will give you a chance to get to their web pages, find what galleries show and sell their works, and get to know not only what they have now, but what they did before and are doing in the future.

This is the type of thing you want to do in order to collect art, not just buy art. Going to a big show like this really allows someone to expand their collecting horizons.

More information about the Des Moines Art Festival can be found at More information about ARTFest Midwest can be found at


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