An Awesome Glass Artist

Most artists that use glass have a certain sameness to their work. One thing I look for in art is a uniqueness about the works. It isn’t enough to me for the art to be good. It has to be in some way different. Not just different from other artists, but different from other works from that particular artist. You may (and should) have your own specific style. I certainly want to be able to identify you from a crowd of similar artists. However, I want whatever I am buying from you to be unique. This is one reason I don’t buy prints and photography in general. Glass and ceramic works tend to have a certain sameness to me, which means they don’t excite me as much as other media.

Then, I met Tony Cray. A self-described pyro with a passion, Tony makes glass art. Granted, these are still items like bowls, vases, and the like, but Tony has a method that I can really appreciate. First, he colors his own glass. Second, he has his own designs, so no two pieces are exactly alike. This is awesome, to me. Another big plus is Mr. Cray has a really cool (or should I say hot) web site that shows all the steps in his process. When it comes to glass, while the end product has to look really good, it is really all about process. In Mr. Cray’s case, he is almost a conceptual artist in this regard. Once the art is complete, he’s passed the point of when he is done. The process is over, now it is a matter of tweaking it, improving it, and doing it again. That’s something I can really appreciate.

I suggest checking out his web site at


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