Awesome Art Quote

I was watching Art:21 (a PBS series on art in the 21st century). One of the artists, Mathew Ritchie, said something I thought to be profound. “Modern art is a gift. Take it or leave it.”

This is so true. It is amazing to me how much art is out there. There is no way we could possibly experience it all. So we have to leave it. The vast majority of work out there I will never see. I can’t possibly see it, feel it, connect to it. There are literally millions of artists out there that I will never know. What a gift to see the ones I do!

I think more people need to know that. Need to get that. It does not matter if you like something or not. It really doesn’t. What matters is that randomly, strangely, coincidentally, you got this amazing gift to experience this one in a billion work. We’ve been creating art for over 10,000 years. Right now, right where you are, you get this amazing chance to experience this unique item created out of the imagination of someone else.

We should open our eyes and minds to such gifts as these.


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