Landscape Painter Video

This is a video from YouTube by a videographer by the name of RustyScupperton. His real name is John Thornton, and he is an artist from Pennsylvania. He has done many videos about the arts and artists in the area. In particular, he profiles people from the Pennsylvania School of Fine Arts, which is one of the premier art schools in the country.

This video tied in so well to my “What I look for in Landscapes” post, I thought that I just had to post it. The artist describes his ideas of landscape and how he uses techniques to teach his students. I love hearing those ideas from artists. I also like how the video looks at the details of the painting.

When I initially look at the paintings, I see what I’m sure everyone else does. Interesting landscapes, interesting colors, and well rendered. But look at the clouds, how well they are done. You can see shadows, not just under the trees, but IN the trees, in the bushes, and on the sides of the hills. You can almost feel where the clouds are. When he zooms into the canvas, you see his brush strokes and the layers of paint. It is fabulous. If I were there and could afford them, these would definitely be works I would want in my collection.

If you are interested in more art videos of this type, I suggest doing a search on YouTube for RustyScupperton. He has hundreds of videos.


2 thoughts on “Landscape Painter Video

  1. This video is great. Thanks for introducing me to Douglas Martenson. I agree, his clouds are great.

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