Article on Art Collecting

Many people learn more about art and art collecting by reading about art. This can be books, magazines, on-line article, and blogs. Obviously, I think that is an important outlet for learning about art and art collecting, since I blog about it. I have also found that discussion groups are helpful in learning about art, art collecting, and artists. There is an art collecting group on LinkedIn that I follow and sometimes post comments. It has been a very positive experience for me as a collector.

Recently, one of the members posted a link to an article on art collecting that I thought I would share. The article can be found here.

While the article is supposed to deal with Asian contemporary art, it really has good advice for any art collector, including amateur art collectors, like me. The best point in the article, in my opinion, was when Mr. Wemhöner said not to worry about liking what you bought 5 years from now. Buy what moves you right now.

Your tastes are going to change. I started collecting exclusively landscape paintings. I now have more abstracts. I had thought that I would have a 50/50 split between sculpture and paintings. That has not happened, and I have many more paintings than sculptures.

Does that mean I’ve made mistakes in buying? Not at all! I still enjoy the works that I bought years ago. I hope to enjoy them for years to come, but if not, I will be more than happy to rotate them out and into storage for a while. Who knows, perhaps I’ll find in the coming years that the works that I enjoy now have lost my interest and the “older” pieces will capture that passion again.

The only real mistake you can make is falling in love with a piece and regretting that you didn’t get it.


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