The Importance of Supporting Your Artists

I found out the other day that one of the artists that I have bought from in the past is reducing their output. This is for the simple fact that they can’t make enough money being an artist to make ends meet. Being an art collector and fan of this particular artist, I feel this as a loss. Art is part of our culture. When we look back at the times of history, we look at the books, the paintings, the murals, the letters, the sculptures, the music, and the dance. We don’t look (generally) at the bank statements. The world is driven by the creative types.

I can’t name the first commanding officer for Fort Des Moines. I certainly can’t name his second in command. These are people that were fantastically successful in their career. Let’s be honest, here. I doubt anyone who would read this post cares who they are, what they did, or what effects that had. These are people who, in effect, founded the capital of my State. But everyone knows Grant Woods. Everyone knows one of his students, Jackson Pollack. Is it because the Army is that much less important than the arts? To be honest, my answer is yes.

It isn’t that the military is unimportant. They are vital to the health and safety of our culture. The arts ARE that culture. The protectors are always less important than the protected. The vault is not as valuable as the items inside. Members of the military are honored for their sacrifice, and rightly so. What better way to honor them than to glory the freedom and culture that they risk their lives defending?

Support the artists you buy from. Promote them to your friends and family. Buy consistently from them.


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